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Hardwood as standard

We do not manufacture inferior MDF or compost shutters.  Our shutter prices are set per meter squared and there are no extra charges for your individual option selections such as hinges or styles




  • Paulownia has the highest strength to weight ratio in the world when it comes to wood.
  • Paulownia is knot free and holds screws without pilot holes and doesn’t split in comparison to MDF.
  • Paulownia does not warp under any circumstances and is moisture and heat resistant.
  • Paulownia wood is flame proof, the ignition point of this wood lies at about 420 degrees (oak: 200° to 275°). This makes it the perfect material for interior fittings.
  • Paulownia is a very good insulator, has high temperature resistance and it’s combustion temperature is almost double that of many conventional hard and soft woods.
  • Often referred to as the ‘Phoenix tree’ paulownia is the premier wood used to make surfboards as it water and moisture resistant.


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